Husband, Father, and Web Designer from Cleveland, Ohio.

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I make websites.

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I am a web designer. I live and work outside of Cleveland, Ohio. My attitude towards web design can be summed up in three words. "It should work."

I am a web designer who advocates for the user experience. When a website is designed and developed everything should make sense.

I spend most of my time wearing the hat of a Web Solutions Manager for a marketing agency. In my spare time I freelance and consult as a cleveland based web designer for projects on a case by case basis.

I also write about my experiences on this site's blog.

How Much Does Web Design Cost?

For the sake of arriving to a base price model I have listed the basic production stages of most website projects...

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My Web Designer Tool Box

The life and times of a web designer are often accommodated by a great set of fun and efficient tools. The phases of a web design project will possess several different needs at different times. Below are the tools I currently use to get the job done.

windows 8 is great for web designersWindows 8.1 Intel i7 Processor Based System
I'm a PC. While I am not a raving fan of the newest rollout of the Windows OS, I am still a user. The cost savings benefits of equipping a computer with a blazing fast i7 processor for a fraction of the cost that it would take to get that speed in a mac are what keep me on this platform. Web design requires image creation and manipulation. In order to keep projects moving along efficiently, a speedy web designing computer is a must.

photoshop is the go to web design toolAdobe Photoshop
In order create web design optimized images and art work a great photo editing application is key. There are other options available, but in my workflow, nothing beats Photoshop. All of the websites I create from scratch begin taking shape as artwork in this application. Web design is a very visual communication medium. Photoshop enables unrestricted creativity with the ability to optimize image and art work for web design specific projects.

sublime text 2 is a web design coding application for all types of front-end and back-end languagesSublime Text 2
I code websites from scratch. The strongest most powerful tool in my arsenal is Sublime Text 2. I use this application to code every website. It can handled every language you can through at it. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, etc... This list goes on. It also supports a ton of add-on’s for live browser testing as well as built in ftp and git support.

While Photoshop is the go to application for image creation. I throw in an added step to the images I create for websites. Optimization. Pnggauntlet will take the images I create in Photoshop and optimize their file size without losing any quality in rendering. A great web design is worthless if it takes 5 seconds to load in a browser.

Invision App
Keeping clients in the loop throughout the web design process is key. I love using InvisionApp to send design mockups to clients. The service allows the upload of jpg and png resulting in a very convenient short link allowing clients to view the design mockups and add comments and feedback directly into the application.

From time to time I will work on projects that require a larger team of web designers and developers. Slack is a messaging application that allows direct instant messaging as well as group chat on all devices. This helps keep everyone in quick communication.