10 Keys For Search Ranking

The 10 Keys to Optimizing Your Search Ranking With thousands of sources, journals and blogs on the subject, search engine optimization is a rapidly evolving practice in the digital world [...]

The 5 Keys to Blogging

How To Implement Internet Marketing   In its simplistic form, blogging is the key driver in authority creation and authority creation is the key to ranking for key phrases for [...]

Google And Your Pages

How Many Pages Has Google Indexed For Your Website? You have a website. Great!  Does Google know you have one? Let's check.  Here is a very simple way to check [...]

Blogging with Style

The lack of design can detract from what a blogger has to say...

3 Steps To Protect Your Website Against Bad People (Website Security Methods 101)

The world is a wonderful place, full to the brim with wonderful people. This same wonderful world is also home to a small group of people who suck. These people [...]

How Slow is Your Website?

Your website may be losing your business sales. Does your website fall into the 63% of websites that take more than 3 seconds to load for your potential clients? If [...]

How Much Does a Website Cost?

I’m sure to ruffle the feathers of a ton of designers, developers, and agencies at the mention of discussing price out in the open. I’m sure to stir the pot [...]

Asking For Budget

My 4 year old daughter has jumped head first into the world of modern commerce and finance.  She owns three separate "piggy" banks and has told me on more than one [...]

5 Tips For Dads Working From Home

I run up the stairs, I run down the stairs, I run up the stairs... I'm really beginning to 2nd guess our decision to purchase this two story fixer-upper.  At [...]

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