A Divine Pile of Rubble

In the cool light of dawn, the beach awakens, a grand orchestra brought to life by the rising sun. My young ones, vibrant souls of pure wonder, dive into their play, embodying the boisterous laughter of life’s dance. The joyful bark of our two dogs, chasing unseen dreams, fills the air, punctuating the symphony of the seaside. Theirs is a rhythm that echoes the eternal beat of existence, a song that weaves together the changing seasons of life.

It’s a dance of seasons, each possessing its own unique tune. The waves that crash against the shore, the gusts of wind that tease the palm trees, and the golden grains of sand that hold the imprints of countless footsteps all tell stories of life’s cyclical nature. Each speaks of a time and place, an ebb and flow, a season of life.

The children embody the spirit of the spring season in their play. Every shovel into the sand, each delighted squeal at the advancing tide, the excited exploration of hidden seashells; all resonate with the joys of discovery and new beginnings. Our dogs, faithful companions on this sandy stage, mirror the relentless energy of summer – a testament to their spirited pursuit of the present.

But life isn’t always the warmth of the sun on your skin or the thrill of the summer sea. Sometimes, the seasons change. The winds grow colder, the waves turn turbulent, and the skies darken. The music shifts to a somber key, the beat slows down, and life’s song takes on a melancholy note.

In these moments of chaos and storm, lessons are learned. My children, my dogs, they all face their own winters on this beach. A gust of wind might throw sand into their eyes, the salty sea might sting, and the waves might prove too forceful. Yet, in these adversities, they learn resilience and adaptability. They learn to dust off the sand, to wash off the salt, to stand firm against the waves.

In these tiny winters, these brief moments of hardship, there is a grand design at work. These seasons of life, the good and the bad, are God’s method of drawing us closer to him, to remind us of our inherent need for Him. It is in our moments of struggle that we find our need for God the most profound.

The beach is more than a simple playground. It’s a chapel where life’s hymn is sung, where children grow, dogs chase their dreams, and parents are reminded of the omnipotent force that guides the universe.

The seasons of life, these changing tides, each wave that breaks onto the shore is a whisper, a message from God. It’s a reminder that life is fleeting, a dance of joy and sorrow, of trials and triumphs, a song that begins and ends with Him.

In the symphony of life, every season, every tide, every moment matters. With every note, we are drawn closer to our need for grace. In joy and sorrow, we all continue to dance to the rhythm of the symphony, continuing to seek after God in our every movement.

Life is a grand composition and at times a divine pile of rubble from which greatness can be built.

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